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Relationship building is at the core of the work of Ambassadors. Strong relationships with businesses and community members give Ambassadors the ability to understand the issues and ideas that are at the heart of the community. Here is a collection of stories and testimonials collected from the community.

YEG Ambassadors are a vital part of Edmonton's downtown core. They have been useful in getting the word out about events like Africanival and other events celebrating diversity. They have made a huge impact in the community.

Franklin, Diversity Magazine

[YEG Ambassadors] "allows us to reach a customer base that wouldn’t otherwise come in. Our customers are usually from our community, and this helps us to connect to others. Very happy to be part of this"

Owner of Mesob Habesha Fusion

[We] were very thankful, as it could very clearly be seen how it increased foot traffic and revenue. [YEG Food Fiesta] Attracted a different demographic of customers than the usual.

Owner of Acajutla

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