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What We Do

The YEG Ambassadors Program is a partnership between REACH Safety Council of Edmonton, the City of Edmonton, and the North Edge Business Association in the Edmonton core.

We connect businesses, individuals, and organizations to services and resources to build safe, vibrant, and economically thriving communities in Edmonton.

Our vision is to meet specific local and diverse cultural, social and economic needs and make the Edmonton core a desirable place to live, work, and visit.


Foodie Friday

In the North Edge

The YEG Ambassadors embark on a delicious journey for 8 weeks to explore a new restaurant or café within The North Edge Business Improvement Area

Through captivating reels, the YEG Ambassadors showcase not only the mouthwatering cuisine these businesses have to offer but also the distinct ambience and rich history of each establishment.

Each visit is an opportunity to uncover the stories behind the menus, spotlighting the diverse array of flavours and experiences that make our community unique.

Check out the videos here.

Recent Projects

YEG Food Fiesta

The 2023 Dining Month Campaign, called The North Edge Food Fiesta, ran from June 10th to July 2nd and highlighted ten participating food establishments in The North Edge BIA.

"It was great exposure and a great way to promote. I would be a part of something like this again" Lloyd's Patty Distro

To learn more about this project, click HERE

Online Mural Campaign

The Online Mural Campaign aims to promote murals and small businesses in BIAs, while encouraging community participation.

To learn more about this project, click HERE

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Single Use Item (SUI) Canvassing

The YEG Ambassadors are actively collaborating with the City of Edmonton to promote awareness and adherence to the Single-Use Item Bylaw, which officially took effect on July 1st, 2023. This bylaw holds crucial significance in curbing single-use items' usage and their environmental impact.

To learn more about this project, click HERE

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Edmonton Downtown Farmer's Market Classic Car Show

The YEG Ambassador team truly left their mark at the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market Vintage Car Show on Sunday August 13, during the past weekend. Embracing a co-hosting role, the team embraced a range of crucial duties from orchestrating the event's flow and sponsoring an onsite live band, to amplifying the program's presence through savvy social media promotion

To learn more about this project, click HERE

Trick Or Treat Redesigned

The North Edge

Halloween Community Party

The YEG Ambassador team played a pivotal role in assisting The North Edge BIA in hosting an extraordinary Halloween Bash at Central McDougall Park. A collaborative effort between the YEG Ambassadors and the North Edge Business Association brought the community park to life by animating it with free popcorn, candy, and a captivating drumming circle. This thoughtful touch contributed to creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and enjoyed the event to the fullest.



YEG Ambassadors is a good start to our city in finding new ways to meet the community and to bridge the gaps. Knowing there are folks who will be visiting and checking in helps us feel supported in helping those in need.

Lynsae, The Nook Cafe

Connecting with Community Businesses

Ambassadors connect businesses to the resources and services to help them and their customers enjoy their experience.

Connecting with Community Agencies

Ambassadors build knowledge and relationships with social agencies in the neighbourhood.

Connecting with Community Members

Whatever brings people to the area, Ambassadors are there to ensure they have the resources they need to feel welcome and safe.

Collaborative Partnership

YEGAmbassadors is a collaborate partnership between the North Edge Business Association, the City of Edmonton and REACH Edmonton. If you have projects and ideas that would be a good fit for YEG Ambassadors let us know!



Community & Business

Do you have a concern but do not know how to reach the right person to talk to? Do you want to connect with a city service to find out more information about it? Check out our resources page to find what you're looking for.

News & Events Around
the Community

Ambassadors work to keep up to date with the news and events in the community. From big ticket events to community gatherings, Ambassadors are your connection to insider community news.

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